It's Like Having Your Own
Personal Yoga Teacher...


An intelligent Yoga mat that helps you
take your Yoga practice to the next level.


SmartMat detects when you're out of alignment and gives you real-time feedback on how to correct your pose.


Track, store and monitor your progress with the free SmartMat App on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet


The next best thing to having your own
personal Yoga instructor. In your home. 24/7.

Specific to YOUR body and ability...

There's no "one size fits all" when it comes to Yoga. That's why we built SmartMat to be unique to its owner. The first time you use your SmartMat, it will take you through a series of movements to calibrate your body shape, size and personal limitations.

This Personal Profile information is stored in your SmartMat App, and will help SmartMat detect when you're out of alignment or balance. Over time, it will automatically evolve with updated data as you improve your Yoga practice.

Your body. Your Yoga. Your SmartMat.

Alignment. Balance. Perfect Pose...

SmartMat corrects your pose through a 2-step process. First, it focuses on alignment, making sure that your hands, feets and other parts are in the correct placement.

After alignment has been established, SmartMat "zooms in" for minute balance corrects. To determine correct balance, SmartMat has a baseline reading for each Asana and combines this with what SmartMat has learned about YOU, your body type and achievements in your practice.

Once you've reached your optimal alignment and balance, you'll reach Perfect Pose mode. There is no universal "Perfect Pose", this is unique to you, your body and your practice. During this phase you hold the pose, focus on your breathing and perhaps fine tune your pose through actions such as engaging the pelvic floor.


3 Modes to choose from...

SmartMat can be used in 3 different ways depending on what you feel like on any given day.

In Home Private: This mode allows you to select a Yoga class on your SmartMat app, follow the sequence and receive real time adjustments and score from SmartMat.

In Class Assist: This mode allows you to do your own Yoga flow, either alone or at a public Yoga class. SmartMat will recognize the poses you are doing, and give you real time adjustments on placement and balance. These adjustments can be done using audio or visually only if you need to maintain silence during a public class.

Zen: This mode leaves SmartMat quietly on to record your practice so you can review and analyze it later. However, during the actual practice there is no active feedback from SmartMat.


All your favorite Yoga styles...

Your SmartMat comes with plenty of free Yoga classes of different styles to choose from. But in case you want to mix it up, you can also purchase additional types of Yoga classes from the SmartMat Marketplace. This is a dynamic and growing entity that classes will be consistently added to.

Oh and in case you were wondering, yep SmartMat can be used for Hot Yoga! The electronic components in SmartMat can handle temperatues up to 110F and any sort of sweat, so you'll be safe. Your smartphone is another story though, so you may want to bring a protective sleeve for it during Hot Yoga class.


Suitable for everyone...

Whether you're a beginner or advanced yogi, SmartMat can help you!

As a newbie to Yoga, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing where to start. SmartMat takes the confusion out of it by giving you instructions on exactly how to adjust into your correct pose.

As an intermediate or advanced yogi, SmartMat is a way of taking your technique to the next level. Often just simple adjustments (that you'd otherwise be unaware of) can make a big difference to your practice.


Teachers and Studios...

If you're a Yoga teacher or own a studio, keep an eye out of Phase II (which is not ready for release just yet). It will involve a "controller" app for the teacher, which will link into all of the students' SmartMats. The teacher will get real time feedback on students' practice for tracking and adjustments. This can be done live in a class, or a teacher could teach a class over the internet and monitor their students' progress in this way.

We have special Studio Packages if you wish to buy SmartMat in bulk quantities for your studio, so please do get in touch for more information on that.


Get real-time feedback in your favorite classes from the ever-evolving SmartMat Marketplace


Smart yet effortlessly simple...

Physical Calibration

For SmartMat to work properly, it needs to "learn" your body. That's why the first time you use your SmartMat, you'll need to go through a calibration process where it will gather all the data about your body, personal limitations and Yoga abilities.

Best of all, it's very easy. Your SmartMat will guide you through it.


SmartMat is compatible with iOS Version 5+ and Android 4.3+

In a nutshell, that means it's compatible with all the latest Apple and Android phones and tablets. This includes the iPhone 5, 5S and 6.

Power and Connectivity

SmartMat charges via USB to a standard 110v/220v outlet.

It has a long 6 hour battery life (in case you're planning a marathon Yoga session), and connects to your smartphone or tablet via Standard Bluetooth Protocol.

And nope, it doesn't require an internet connection. This means you can take it out to the park with you!

Look and Feel

SmartMat rolls up like a traditional Yoga mat (so it's completely portable) and looks very similar to a regular Yoga mat (you'd hardly know the difference).

It is 100% latex free and made with SmartGrip Surface Technology.


Mat size: 26" x 71"
Dongle size: 2" x 26"
Thickness: 6mm

Keepin' it Green

All of us here in the SmartMat Team believe very strongly in sustainability and protecting the world we live in. That's why SmartMat is made from a durable Eco PVC material that is manufactured to environmentally friendly standards.

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Lowered stress. Better posture. Increased focus.
Deeper sleep. Better flexibility. Improved mood.

Just ask any yogi how Yoga changed their life!


See what people are saying about SmartMat...

The SmartMat is a really unique product in the exercise market. By offering yoga practitioners a way to track their posture and make sure they're doing it right, SmartMat helps minimize the potential for personal harm and for getting the best exercise results.

Chris Hutton -

Sure, you’ve been meaning to give yoga a try — but who wants to travel across town just to bend and stretch in a room filled with sweaty strangers? Thanks to the SmartMat, you may soon be able do child’s pose in the quiet of your own home — and still get insightful tips from a trainer in the process.

Lindsay Putnam -

The one-way stream of advice from exercise DVDs fails to give you genuine feedback on whether you’re exercising correctly or incorrectly. So when you’re told to take up the lotus position, and you’re jamming on the couch with a Twinkie thinking to yourself ‘nailed it’, you need someone to scream ‘NO’ right in your face. The Smart Mat is that person, with, perhaps, less aggression. With a Siri-like voice, the Smart Mat – an intelligent yoga mat – will tell you if your form is wrong and it will tell you how to correct it.

Jay McGregor -

Yoga is one of those exercises that looks easier than it is. With the complex positions and the ability to stretch into the correct form and breathe deeply at the same time, it’s not just simple as it appears on the surface. For those serious about taking their yoga practice to the next level, the type of mat you use makes all the difference, particularly if you use the SmartMat.

Sara Roncero-Menendez -

Listen up all yogis (and those looking to start the practice), your day is about to get that much cooler! Enter SmartMat—the first interactive yoga mat that is calibrated to your body and movements. Say what? Yes, you’re about to master that downward dog pose, thanks to this new smart mat... Because let’s be honest, yoga class isn’t always a possibility. (Hello, scheduling conflicts and/or lack of funds.)

Ravelle Worthington -

The future is here! SmartMat went up on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo on Tuesday and blew through its $110,000 goal within 22 hours. Why? Maybe because it's such a neat idea. Not only does it do all the things a regular yoga mat can do—just roll it up and tote it with you to yoga class, or lay it on the floor at home—but it contains high-tech sensors that work with your smartphone or tablet to give you real-time suggestions for alignment and balance.

Lexi Petronis -

...the personalized instructor of your Shavasana dreams.

Samantha Murphy Kelly -

I’d certainly love to get my hands and feet on a smart yoga mat.

Natasha Lomas -

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