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Server/Backend Development

SmartMat is looking for a talented back-end App developers to lay the help shape & build the vision of our next app generation of Apps, including the SmartAssist learning engine & Marketplace.

Candidates will be expected to identify problems, inefficiencies and opportunities in our system, and then act on them. Ideally, we're looking for talent that goes beyond coding, to people who can make smart business decisions, and are inspired by driving growth through consumer facing features and internal web-tools like:

  • Strong LAMP Essential (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Strong Relational Database Design concepts (table design, normalisation, indexing, optimisation etc.)
  • Strong SQL Language skills
  • Strong Zend Framework and OOPHP (Object Oriented PHP) development skills
  • Comfortable with versioning systems, e.g. Git & SVN - creating and maintaining repositories, accessing etc.
  • Good Front-End web development (not design) skills (XHTML, CSS, Javascript), related frameworks (jQuery, Bootstrap) and concepts (AJAX)
  • Some Linux SysAdmin skills also nice, e.g. working knowledge of command line, cron, compiling sources, etc.
  • Good problem solving skills, thinking outside the box, willing to dive in.

Ready to apply?
Please submit your resume, work samples, projects/portfolio to us at contact@smartmat.com