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The way people practice Yoga is evolving as the fitness-technology trend grows...

Is your studio keeping up?

Yoga For Today's Generation

Are you offering your Students
what they want?

75% of Americans now own a fitness-technology product...

...and this trend has now reached the yoga industry.

SmartMat is the world's first intelligent Yoga mat, and during our recent crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo we soared past our $110,000 goal in under 24 hours (hitting over $317,000 in pre-orders).

Yoga enthusiasts across the world jumped on board to be some of the first users and supporters of this revolutionary one-of-a-kind Yoga product. The demand and desire for SmartMat is clearly here, and it is only going to get bigger.

This type of Fitness-Technology is spreading across North America, becoming part of people's everyday lives and routines. In the last six months of 2013 alone, there was a 62% increase in the usage of health and fitness apps, and consumer interest in buying fitness technology & equipment has quadrupled in the last year.

The yoga industry is no exception. Is your studio prepared?

The Digital Age Is Here

...and already studios are preparing for the conversion to a SmartStudio format, where technology and human instruction combine to present an enhanced Yoga experience.

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SmartMat : everyone's talking about it...

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Watch what happens when we go to a Yoga studio and ask 5 people about SmartMat

The Future of Yoga Technology

We understand that first and foremost, Yoga is your practice.

But we also know it is your business.

As Yogis and entrepreneurs ourselves, we want to invite you to get on board with this yoga-technology trend at the beginning of its boom and create a sustainable way to promote the long-term success of your studio and your students' practices.

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Benefits to Your Studio

Increase Your Income

Fitness technology is a multi-billion dollar industry, and Yoga is rapidly becoming a big part of it

By adding an extra dimension to your studio's offerings, you'll be tapping into this growing demand and pioneering the future of Yoga to a new generation.

With SmartMat, as a Yoga studio you have so many different ways to increase your income streams - from retailing SmartMats at $447 to your students, to becoming a SmartMat Certified studio, to selling your own branded SmartMat-enabled Yoga Classes on our online Marketplace. Sign up to our live webinar to find out more!

Leadership & Recognition

By pioneering the yoga-technology evolution, you'll be positioning your studio as a leader in the Yoga community both locally and beyond

become known as a leader in innovation, a place where students can go to learn how to evolve their practice and be provided with the resources and support needed to take their practice to the next level with SmartMat.


Become part of a larger Smartmat community. As a SmartStudio, not only will you receive a premium listing in our SmartStudio online directory, but you will also be invited to participate in the behind-the-scenes development and research department at SmartMat.

In many cases, you'll get early release on new versions of SmartMat software at no additional cost and be included in on special deals only available to SmartStudios.


SmartStudios will be among the first studios we reach out to for our "Yogrammers" program.

In mid 2018, SmartMat will invite a number of recognized teachers and studios to develop individual SmartMat sequences in their own art and style to be sold in the SmartMat Marketplace.

Not only will these select "Yogrammers" lay out the SmartClass sequencing, but they will also record the class visual, audio and corrections so it is like they are right there in the room with the students. This is an exceptional opportunity to get your studio "on the map" and in the minds of Yoga practitioners worldwide.

Help Your Students

Let's face it. Your students can't always make it to class at the studio, and their practice usually suffers.

With SmartMat, your students will be able to keep up their practice at home (or while traveling) while still getting the personalized guidance they're used to receiving from you.

Granted, no mat could ever replace the careful guidance of a qualified real, live teacher. Nonetheless, SmartMat will be an exceptional resource for students on those days when the studio is not an option, and they still want to keep their practice active.

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SmartMat is what my students need. Offering my flows through the SmartMat interface and product is what my studio needs. Thank you for this creation. And thank you for creating a safer way for people to practice yoga in their homes and personal space.

Mai, V. - Studio Owner

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