The World's First

Intelligent Yoga Mat

Ready to take your Yoga Practice

to the next level?

Imagine having your own personal Yoga teacher, on call 24/7. That's what having a SmartMat feels like. It's a responsive Yoga mat that detects your balance & alignment in 62+ Yoga poses, then gives you real-time LIVE feedback on how to improve.

Since our Crowdfunding campaign at the end of 2014, SmartMat has pre-sold
to thousands of Yogis in over 50 countries around the world. Whether you're a total beginner or advanced Yogi, SmartMat will help you start, improve and refine your Yoga practice.

With smartmat you can

Part 1. SmartMat

Your rollable, portable Yoga mat that detects

your balance & alignment.

Part 2. The SmartMat App

Connects to your SmartMat via wireless Bluetooth to give you real-time audio & visual feedback on your yoga practice (works with both iOS and Android)

Intelligent Yoga

for EVERY level

If you're new to yoga SmartMat will help you get started... guiding you through the poses so you'll quickly pick up the basics. And don't worry about getting it "wrong". SmartMat will detect when you're doing a pose incorrectly and gently let you know how to adjust your body into the correct position.

Finally, an easier way to learn yoga!

If you're already an experienced Yogi, SmartMat is a way to refine your technique and pick up on the subtle imbalances in your pose that you may not have noticed, and the human eye can't detect.

Finally, a way to refine your Practice!

1 Mat - 3 Modes

Everyone likes to practice yoga in their own way. That's why SmartMat has 3 different modes you can choose from, so you can do whatever feels right for you that day...

Perfect for beginners or anyone who prefers to follow a class in the privacy of their own home. Choose from a great selection of pre-programmed yoga classes on your SmartMat App, then follow the audio and visual instructions as it guides you through the sequences - giving you real time feedback along the way.

So here's a cool fact: SmartMat can actually detect 62+ different yoga poses. This means that if you're a social creature, you can take your SmartMat to a yoga studio with you and follow your teacher's flow.

Simply pop some Bluetooth headphones into your ears if you want to hear your real-time feedback (so you don't disturb the class), or turn off the audio and follow the visual feedback on your personal screen. If you want to turn off your feedback completely, just switch your SmartMat into Zen Mode.

In Zen Mode, SmartMat silently tracks your yoga practice in the background without giving you real-time feedback but storing everything for you to check out later. This means after your class, you can hop into the SmartMat App to see how you did and which poses you need to pay extra attention to next time.

When you get your SmartMat, it takes you through a personal calibration process to LEARN your body. This is because there's no "one size fits all" when it comes to yoga. SmartMat is designed to give you tailored feedback specific to YOU, based on your height, weight, Ape Index (the ratio of your arm span relative to your height) and physical limitations.

Alignment, Balance,

and Perfect Pose

Advanced Yoga

Technology, Simplified

Your SmartMat has over 21,000 sensors built into it, although you'd never guess while using it. They're embedded into an extremely thin film, meaning that you can't see or feel them. Because they're virtually invisible, they don't interfere with your practice at all.

They detect your balance, pressure and alignment in your hands and feet, then send this information via Bluetooth to the connected SmartMat App on your phone or tablet (iOS and Android).

No wires, no plugs, no awkward connections. Everything is wireless and effortlessly simple. This information then gets instantly processed through a complex algorithm (our secret sauce), taking into account a huge range of factors to ensure the feedback is tailored specifically to you and your current pose.

This is where the magic happens: unique to you real-time audio and visual feedback on how to improve your pose, just like you'd get from a personal yoga instructor.

Track Your
Growth Over

Want to monitor and track your progress
over 1 week, 6 months, 5 years? Check!

Want to know which are your strongest
and weakest poses? Check!

Want to see your improvement in a
motivating visual chart? Check!

Want to store all your personal yoga
data in 1 place? Check!

The SmartMat

Imagine having all kinds of yoga classes at your fingertips, each configured with personalized SmartMat tuition so you can be guided through them by an expert.

Welcome to the SmartMat Marketplace, built into your App.

This comes standard with numerous free SmartClasses for you to practice Yoga at your level. From a beginners Morning Wake Up Flow or a gentle Yin Hip Openers class, to more advanced practices such as the Ashtanga Series, or Backbends and Spinal Twists, SmartMat has classes for all levels and needs of practice including some non-Yoga programs such as Tibetan Bowl Meditation and a few other surprises.

The good news is, there's so much variety! You'll never get bored with your SmartMat yoga practice... the SmartMat Marketplace is a dynamic and growing portal that yoga classes will be consistently added to. Some of these will be free, and others will be available on a subscription model.

After the initial release, SmartMat will be inviting a number of recognized teachers to develop individual SmartMat sequences in their own art and style. We call them "Yogrammers," and in addition to laying out the SmartClass sequencing, they record the class visual, audio and corrections so it is like they are right there in the room with you.

Watch what happens when
we go to a Yoga studio and ask 5
people about SmartMat...

What People are Saying
about SmartMat...

& Recognition

SmartMat was unveiled at CES 2015 (the International Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas,
to an incredible reception. We're incredibly grateful to have so much support from both the technology AND the yoga communities.

SmartMat was described as the "stand-out product" of CES by both VentureBeat and WIRED, featured on BBC's popular technology show Click, as well as Fox News, CNBC, CNN and international TV stations.

And we're honored to be appearing in so many Awards lists! SmartMat has been nominated as a Finalist in the ShinyShiny Awards 2014 and the Bluetooth Innovation Awards 2015, to name just two...

"Crowdfundings' Hottest New Campaign Smashes $110,000 Funding Goal in Less Than 24 hours" - Yahoo Finance

"SmartMat will track your positioning to see if your body matches the proper form" - Fox News

“…this fitness gear might pay for itself if it lets you skip the occasional yoga class without feeling guilty" - MSN

"it contains high-tech sensors that work with your smartphone or tablet to give you real-time suggestions for alignment and balance." - Glamour

"SmartMat is designed to guide you through your practice just like a real yoga teacher" -

"SmartMat helps minimize the potential for personal harm and for getting the best exercise results" - Discovery News

"What is incredible is that the SmartMarketplace is a dynamic and growing entity that classes will be consistently added to" - Crowdfund Insider

So who's
behind SmartMat?

We're an international team of fitness-technology professionals dedicated to making the world a healthier, happier and more flexible place.

We consider ourselves Yogis first and foremost who just happen to be engineers and entrepreneurs. Let's introduce you to the core team...

When we set out to manifest SmartMat into reality, we understood that it would be a delicate dance between tradition and technology. We wanted to correctly honor the art of Yoga and Asana in a way that brings people closer to their bodies, maintaining the ancient teachings and intentions while being practical about alignment and balance within the practice.

First was the Hardware technology.  We went through numerous prototypes and sensing technologies to find a solution that was not only durable and cost effective, but also had to be able to roll up like a traditional Yoga mat.

SmartMat technology uses a 4 ply methodology that still permits a remarkably low profile.

On the software end, we spent thousands of combined hours laying out the poses with ideal recommenda- tions for alignment and balance, adjusting for individual body types, calibrating recommendations and then making it beautiful to the eye so it can all process and display on your phone or tablet screen.

The result is a final product that we can be proud of as both entrepreneurs and as practicing Yogis staying true to the tradition.

All of us in the Core Team consider ourselves to be SmartMat's first customers. We're building this because as practicing Yogis of different levels, we believe that this will change our lives for the better.

We wanted a solution to our own problem - finding a way to fit personalized yoga tuition into our hectic schedules - as well as to be able to help other people around the world to transform their own lives by starting or improving their own yoga practice.

Since launching our crowdfunding campaign in September 2014, we've been honored to have thousands of people join us in our mission to bring intelligent yoga into the home and studio. Together we're changing lives, one SmartMat at a time.

If SmartMat helps more people do more yoga by removing the barriers to getting started or practicing on a regular basis, the world will be a happier and more vibrant place!