SmartMat Team

Futuristic technology that learns and grows

About Us

SmartMat is a portable Yoga Mat which helps to track, improve & perfect yoga practice by learning a user's position and suggesting
incremental improvements through their progression toward a Perfect Pose ™, lThe product allows for users to practice and learn in home,, without having to attend public classes or hiring a private instructor.SmartMat communicates with the user through smartphones & tablets and offers an In-Class Assist & In-Home Private mode to fit & improve the user's lifestyle.

Founding Vision

In today's fast pace, workaholic culture, its hard to make time to do the things you truly want to do. There never seems to be enough time in the day to explore all those personal initiatives
that you put on your "to do" list each new Year. Yoga is a perfect example of a practice that falls into that category for many, including us. We wanted a way to individualize attention of personal yoga instructions without having to commit multiple hours after work to attend an outside class, or hire a costly private teacher. Frankly we were a bit intimidated to join these classes where we would be the most novice and inexperienced ones in the group! To solve this pain point, we developed SmartMat, the World's first responsive Yoga Mat.